CHECKLIST: providing the best experience for guests

Providing guests a great experience is super important for being successful as a host. There are a few reasons for this:

  • Repeat guests: for our most successful hosts, 2/3 of their visits are from repeat guests. Give guests a great experience so that they will come back.
  • Word of mouth: many of the new guests that hosts get come from word of mouth from past guests. If guests have a great time, they will tell their friends.
  • Reviews: outstanding reviews are one of the bigggest factors in new guests choosing to visit a spot. Guests that have great experience write great reviews.

Below we provide you a checklist of things you can do to provide a great experience for guests:

1. Make sure your spot listing is accurate: check out our guide for making the best spot listing

2. Make your Sniffspot pleasant for visiting guests and dogs

  • Guests: read our guide here.
  • Dogs: read our guide here.

3. Make it easy to access your spot

  • Write clear access instructions for your guest. Learn more here
  • Put up signs to make it easy to find your spot. Read how here.

4. Make communication easy:

  • Set your spot Booking Preferences to Booking if you can. Guests prefer to not need to wait for confirmation to visit a spot. Learn more here
  • Keep your calendar up to date and accurate
  • Respond quickly when contacted. If you get a Request to Book, make sure to accept it quickly. Read more here. If you get a message, try to respond to it quickly.

5. Keep your spot clean: read more here.

6. Provide amazing amenities: amenities can make a guest experience magical. Learn more about what amenities to provide.

7. Provide great value: set the right price for your spot

8.  Learn from your guests: ask every guest for feedback and a review. You can do this through a message after their visit. You may learn things that guests love or don't love about their experience that you wouldn't have otherwise known.

9.  Learn from other hosts:

  • Join our Sniffspot Community group on Facebook to hear from guests and hosts. It's a great place to share ideas and get feedback.
  • Check out posts from some of our most successful hosts for how they provide a great experience for her guests

Check out our video on providing a great guest experience:

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