Host Standards

Sniffspot's standards for hosts are simple and tied to what Sniffspot is about. Sniffspot is about neighbors helping neighbors. Our standards are designed around treating your neighbor like you would want to be treated. If you cannot maintain the host standards, then we will remove your listing from our website.
  1. Create a safe space: we require all spots to be private - owned or controlled by the host (e.g. no public parks or shared spaces in apartment complexes, etc.). We require all spots to be provided free of dogs and other animals during guest visits. It is ok for dogs and other animals to be around the spot, but not in the spot. Never meet guest dogs unless you specifically arrange this with that guest in advance.
  2. Accurately and completely represent yourself and your space: we require each listed sniff spot to have at least 10 photos of the sniff spot. Spend a minute thinking through your sniff spot to make sure that your guests don't have any negative surprises when they show up at your sniff spot. We do not allow advertising of non-Sniffspot services such as dog sitting or dog walking. If you get a question from a guest about your sniff spot, take a moment to update your listing with the answer.
  3. Accommodate bookings: it is expected that you are keeping your calendar up to date and that when a guest books your spot will accommodate that booking.
  4. Keep your commitments: no one likes it when someone goes back on their word. If you say you are going to do something, do it. 
  5. Be responsive: if someone sends you a message or a reservation, get back to them as quickly as you can. As a guest, there is nothing better than getting a super-fast response. All messaging should be done through the Sniffspot messaging tools. Asking people to text or call you directly is confusing to our guests; it's simpler for guests to message through Sniffspot.
  6. Get good reviews: this goes without saying. In the end, if you have great reviews from your guests, you are doing it right!
  7. Abide by the Sniffspot Inclusion Policy. We are an inclusive community and do not tolerate discrimination. See more here.


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