Making signs for your spot

Guests appreciate having signs telling them where your Sniffspot is located, where to park, where to enter the spot and the safety rules. Additionally, signs are a great way to notify local dog parents of a new spot in the area. 

We have designs for each of these types of signs here: 

If you would like to order yard signs, here is a super-easy way to order them right now:

  1. Go here to order
  2. Select shape: rectangle
  3. Select size: 12x18
  4. Select orientation: horizontal
  5. Select material: 4mm
  6. Select color: full color both sides
  7. Download the image you want to include and upload it at the checkout. IMPORTANT: make sure that the image has a horizontal aspect ratio and is fitted to the sign's dimensions.
    1. Roadside sign
    2. Parking sign
    3. Entrance sign
    4. Safety rules sign (note: need to select vertical orientation for this one)
    5. Sniffspot logo only (note: need to select square Shape for this one)
  8. Make sure to order stands for them as well (you can include them in your order)

Additionally, a great above and beyond amenity that some of our guests provide is small whiteboards with custom messages for their guests. This is beyond expectations, and most hosts don't do this. You can read more about amenities here.

You can see about QR codes and using the Sniffspot logo in custom signs here.

Here are some examples of creative custom signs that hosts have made for their spots:

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