Is it OK to use the Sniffspot logo in marketing materials

We generally love when you create signs or other materials to promote your spot using our logo or trademarks. Please email us at [email protected] before doing this just to make sure. 

We also are supportive of our community creating high quality products using our logo and trademarks to sell to other community members, as long as it is clear that the products are unaffiliated with Sniffspot. However, any sale of products using our logo or trademark needs to be explicitly approved by Sniffspot. If we approve, we generally grant a 1 year license, which can be renewed on request or cancelled by us for any reason at any time with 14 days notice. Generally, we would only cancel an active license based on customer complaints. Please email us at [email protected].

Here are two high resolution files of our logo that you can use: 

Here is a high resolution Sniffspot icon you can use:

If you would like to use a QR code that prospective users can scan, you can use this image here and it will direct to file-LkJvkSDWeR.png

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