What amenities should I provide for guests?

Providing guests amenities is one of the best ways to delight your guests. We took some tips from some of our most popular listings and put together a list. 

Don't forget that every sniff spot is different and sometimes the best way to find the right amenities is to ask your guests for feedback. Some of our most popular hosts frequently message guests after they visit to thank guests for visiting and ask guests for ways they can improve.

The Basics

We recommend that hosts provide these basic amenities to enable guests to have a pleasant visit to their sniff spot:

  • Trash can: provide a trash can for guests to throw away their trash
  • Chairs: guests appreciate being able to relax while their dogs are playing
  • Water: guests appreciate having water for their dog. We recommend providing a water bowl and a water source (like a hose) and letting the guest fill up their own bowl and empty it at the end of their visit. This is more hygenic than having standing water in the bowl.
  • Toys: try providing some fun toys for pups to play with
    • Chuck it: we like this one
    • Tennis balls: find them at any local sports store
    • Fly pole: we like this one
    • Frisbee: we like this one
    • Anything else you can imagine, the more the merrier! 
    • Guests often comment on and appreciate new toys they find in subsequent visits to sniff spots, so by adding new toys from time to time you can encourage repeat visits from guests. We recommend adding some new toys on a monthly basis.
    • Make sure to sanitize your toys and water bowl regularly. You can just spray the toys with sanitizer. We really like Seventh Generation All-Purpose Disinfecting Spray (see it here on Amazon).
  • Signs: read here how to get signs for your spot.
  • Sanitizer: provide some environmentally friendly sanitizer for guests to sanitize toys and water bowls during uses. We really like Seventh Generation All-Purpose Disinfecting Spray (see it here on Amazon).

Above and Beyond

Here are some things that we have seen from host that have elicited delight from their guests and often brought guests back for multiple visits:

  • White board with welcome message: guests really appreciate this because sometimes guests are unsure of whether the host remembers that they are coming, the sign with welcome message removes all doubt. And it makes guests feel welcome and special.
  • Agility equipment for dogs
  • Kiddie pool for dogs
  • Treats for dogs
  • Lighting for after dark visits
  • Poop bags or pooper scooper available
  • Providing shade for sun and cover for rain
  • Restroom: if you have a restroom that is easily accessible to the outside, making it available for guest use.
  • Visual barriers from neighbors: if you have see-through fencing (e.g. chain link, etc.) between your spot and neighbor/resident dogs, try adding a simple visual barrier to reduce the distraction from those dogs to your guest's dog(s). Here is an example of a simple visual barrier. 
  • Visual barriers from house: if you live at the same location as your spot, you may consider adding visual barriers between your house and the spot. For instance, if you have windows that look out to the spot, you can draw the shades during visits to give your guests privacy. Many guests appreciate privacy during their visits to relax with their dog(s).

Unbelievable amenities some hosts provide:

These amenities are far beyond the norm, but we have seen some of our best hosts providing amenities like this for their guests:

  • Portable stereo 
  • Blue tooth speaker
  • Wifi
  • Electric outlets
  • Coffee or other drinks
  • Snacks for the dog parents
  • Fire pit for guest use
  • Hammocks for guest use

Don't let this list limit you. If you think of something people might like, give it a try and see how people respond!

Amenities to avoid

Consider avoiding these amenities to provide the safest environment for visiting dogs:

  • Anything that is breakable (e.g. hard rawhides)
  • Anything that could splinter (e.g. nylabones)
  • Anything that could fracture a tooth (e.g. knuckle bones)

We hope these can provide some helpful guidelines for you to think about what amenities to provide for your guests!

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