Indoor play spaces

Indoor play spaces are the fastest growing category on Sniffspot and the most searched amenity. They are popular when it's cold, they are popular when it's hot, they are popular during any inclement weather.

Indoor play spaces don't need to be massive arenas - they just need to be indoor spaces that are big enough for a dog to run and play. A couple things to keep in mind:

  • They do need to be private and fit all other spot requirements
  • The spaces need to be large enough and be designed for dogs to be able to play and exercise in them - indoor restrooms or small shelters do not count.

Don't have an indoor space? We have hosts that are adding simple pre-fabricated large indoor spaces or pole barns as indoor play spaces. This could be a great option to think about, if you are looking to expand your Sniffspot income. 

Feel free to think creatively about how you could provide an indoor play space for dogs!

Here are some examples of popular indoor play spaces today - there are all kinds and new indoor spots are being added every day! Click through the images to see the spot listings.

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