What are the requirements to host?

We have all kinds of spaces listed on Sniffspot, from small patios to schoolyards to huge farms. Our only requirements/criteria are that: 

  • The space be private (e.g., you own it or have complete control over who uses the space) 
  • The guest needs to be able to access the spot without passing through a private residence.
  • The space needs to be safe and free from hazards - examples of hazards that we do not allow: 
    • Plants that are poisonous for dogs
    • Insecurely fenced, partially fenced, or unfenced spaces near busy streets (< 5 acres cannot share an unfenced fence with a road with a speed limit over 35 mph or 80 kph)
    • Insecurely fenced, partially fenced, or unfenced spaces that are less than 0.5 acres (~20,000 square feet)
  • Electric fences cannot be live during visits if the electric part is less than 5 feet off the ground and not separated by a fence that most dogs can't get through. 
  • You need to be able to provide a space free of dogs, other domestic animals, and people. Many of our hosts own dogs of their own, but our guests expect those dogs to be kept in an area separate from the sniff spot or inside during sniff spot visits unless the host and guest agree to have the dogs meet in advance.
  • We don't allow advertising of anything illegal, unethical, offensive, or dangerous.
  • We do not allow hosts that have certain criminal records:
    • A conviction for murder, rape, terrorism, child molestation, felony burglary, felony larceny, or animal cruelty/neglect related charges
    • Hosts on any sex offender registry

We allow you to describe your space and provide photos (see here for how to create great  photos) to educate dog owners on the kind of space you are providing. The space does not have to be fenced, but we have a field on our listings that tells dog owners whether the space is fully fenced, partially fenced, or not fenced.

This is the full list of required information for sniff spots:

  • Title of sniff spot
  • Area of sniff spot (unit is acres, use a decimal if less than one acre)
  • Enclosure (fenced, partially fenced, or unfenced)
  • Whether there are dogs, other domestic animals, or people
  • 10 high-quality photos of the sniff spot (spots with 10+ photos earn 10x more than spots with less than 10 photos; see here for how to take great photos)
  • Exact address
  • About the host
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • First name
  • Last name

Also, make sure to read our Host Standards and Community Guidelines to understand our host and community behavior requirements.


Ready to host? You can learn more and get started here.

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