Adding an outhouse to your spot

Spots with outhouses earn 5.5x more than spots without outhouses. Adding an outhouse is cheaper and easier than you might think.

First, it’s important to research what types of toilets are permitted in your county (or what types of toilets are explicitly not permitted.) You can usually do this on your county’s website. 

Once you know what kind of toilet you’d like to add, check out these options:

  • A porta potty is less expensive to rent than you would expect. The average cost per month for a porta potty is $167, including weekly service (and you can likely find even steeper discounts for a long term rental). You can find average costs by state here. If you want to do more research you can do the following:
    • Google "porta potty providers near me"
    • Contact multiple providers to get quotes for a monthly rental (it is important to specify that this is a long term rental. Since most of the cost of porta potty rentals is in delivery and removal, long term rentals are not much more costly than short term rentals).
    • Pick the provider that has the best reviews and the best price
  • Some hosts also decide to build their own outhouse. Here is one example of an outhouse that was built for $150.
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