Can I broadcast mass messages to guests?

One of the most commonly requested features from hosts is the ability to mass message guests. This feature is available now to enable hosts to send announcements and promotions to potential guests, recent guests, and upcoming guests.

You can broadcast mass messages easily from the Messages section of your host account:

  • Open Chat and click the megaphone icon in the top right near the gear.

  • Select audience:
    • Potential guests (Past year): Guests who have messaged you in the past year but have no confirmed reservations,
    • Recent guests (Past 180 days): Guests who have confirmed reservations in the last 180 days, or
    • Upcoming guests: guests who have upcoming confirmed reservations.

  • Write your message, and click to send.

  • Confirm broadcast.

Messages are sent as individual conversation threads between you and each guest. It will take a brief amount of time for messages to be sent, and the amount of time may vary depending on the number of recipients. Any guest responses will be sent only to the host who sent the initial broadcast.

Note: This feature is only available on the mobile app at this time.

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