How do I set a price for my sniff spot?

You can read generally about how price works on Sniffspot here

When a host creates their spot, we set a price by default between $4 and $12 per dog per hour depending on size, fencing, location and other attributes of the spot. All spots are opted into Auto Pricing with max $20 and min $4. Our Auto Pricing algorithm will automatically set and update your price within max and min prices based on actual demand for your spot. As demand for your spot grows, Auto Pricing will slowly increase your price until demand balances out. If demand for your spot declines, then Auto Pricing will slowing decrease your price until demand balances out.

If you would like, you can set your price manually. A couple things to keep in mind when setting your price:

  • Check other popular spots around you to see what people are charging. If possible, it's best to check spots that have recent reviews, because this means they are popular, which means they have set a good price. You can browse local spots here
  • If you are just getting started, we recommend you set a low price to get some reviews, then you can raise it over time as you start getting more guests. 
  • Getting repeat guests is essential - our most popular hosts get the majority of their earnings through repeat guests - so set a price that someone could afford to pay on a regular basis.

You can change this price at any time.

You can update your price through your account here

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