How much does Sniffspot charge?

There is no charge to host with Sniffspot and you have complete control over the price that you set for your sniff spot. Guests pay for every visit. The amount they pay is calculated as {your price} x {number of dogs they are bringing} x {hours they want to visit for}.

Sniffspot pricing includes a fee of 12% of each booking. This covers the cost of developing the website and operational costs. Additionally, your pay out is net of payment processing charges, which are $0.30 + 2.9% of each booking and $0.49 - $1.49 per payout (if you choose direct deposit payout it is $0.49, if you choose check it is $1.49 - this is a direct pass through charge from our payment partner 

As of 7/26/2018, Sniffspot is adding a 10% marketing surcharge for all new hosts (hosts that join Sniffspot on or after 7/26/2018). Our #1 request from our hosts is more guests, so we will put all of this fee toward marketing for more guests for our hosts.

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