Adding fencing to a spot

Fully fenced spots earn 2x more than not fully fenced. Many dog owners want to visit fully fenced spaces so their dogs can play off-leash without worry about running away. Additionally, in some cases, Sniffspot requires spots to have fencing - read more about requirements here.

We know that adding fencing to a partially fenced or unfenced spot can seem daunting, so we wanted to add some recommendations for some of the cheapest and easiest ways to fenced a spot for Sniffspot.

Before we start though a few considerations you should consider:

  • Fence height: no fence height will satisfy every prospective Sniffspot user. Providing a 3 - 4 ft high fence will satisfy most dog owners, but some dog owners will want a 6 ft tall fence or more. 
  • Fence security: the smaller the dog, the harder it is to provide a completely secure area. Make sure to consider this when designing and building the fence to minimize gaps or spaces where small dogs can escape.
  • Minimizing distractions: many guests have dogs sensitive to distractions (such as neighboring dogs, other domestic animals, or people). So if your spot has distractions next to it, consider privacy fencing that will minimize distractions. A solid wood fence is great, but even a wave slat-type privacy covering helps tremendously cut down on distractions.

Basic wire fencing (as low as $2 per linear foot, including installation)

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to install a fence is basic wire fencing. This can be as cheap as $2 per linear foot, and it works well for basic fencing in areas that do not have many distractions. Check out this video for how to install this fencing type.

One popular variant of this wire fencing is goat fencing, which can be bought inexpensively and installed easily. 

This host installed simple wire fencing using stakes and zip ties. It is quite secure and long lasting.

Chain link fencing (as low as $5 per linear foot, including installation)

If you want a bit more security, consider a chain-link fence. You can easily upgrade chain link fences with wave slats to increase privacy. Chain link fences typically start at $5 per linear foot. You can see what it takes to install a chain-link fence here, or you can consider having a pro install it for you.

Wood privacy fence ($17 per linear foot, including installation)

Wood privacy fencing is the ultimate in Sniffspot luxury. Your guests will not need to worry about visual contact with other dogs, and these fences are some of the most secure out there. Added to this, they look great! Of course, they are more expensive than other options as well. If you want to DIY, then learn more here

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