CHECKLIST: making the best spot listing

Welcome to our checklist for how to make the best spot listing. Following this guide will help you create a complete, comprehensive, and attractive spot listing that will have two important advantages:

  • It will attract more new guests to visit your spot
  • It will ensure accurate expectations for guests to turn one-time guests into regular guests and get high review ratings.
  • Attracting more guests and turning those guests into regular guests will enable you to grow your business. Our top spots get most of their visits from repeat guests. Additionally, getting repeat guests will increase your ranking on our search page, and you can qualify for the Top Spot badge.

Here are the key things to do to have a great spot listing:

1. Add great photos. Spots with 10+ photos earn 10x more than spots with less than 10 photos.

  • Learn how to make your spot stand out with photos: photo guide.
  • How to edit photos on your spot here

2. Add cool Amenities. Spots with Amenities earn 10x more than spots without Amenities. Learn which amenities are the most popular here. Amenities are a great way to make your spot stand out to prospective guests.

3. Get input from guests and other hosts:

  • It's always a good idea to browse other spots around you that have many reviews and see what they are doing with their listings to attract so many guests. It can inspire you! You can browse local spots here
  • Join our Host community group to see how other hosts are doing things
  • Ask your guests for feedback so you can improve

4. Make sure that every guest that visits your spot writes you a review. Learn how here.

5. Make sure your spot details are complete and accurate

6. Make sure to have a complete and friendly host profile.

7. Complete your listing information

8. Update your calendar with your availability and keep it updated

  • For repeat guests, it is important to have broad and reliable availability. If folks want to come back to your spot and it is not available, they may go to other spots. We recommend making your calendar as open as possible and have reliable times.
  • How to update your calendar
  • Setting advanced notice for your spot. 

9. Email [email protected] for a FREE email consultation. We will go through your spot detail page and customize recommendations for improving your spot detail page.

Once you are set up for providing a great experience for hosts, then check out our next articles for success as a host:

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