Making the most of reviews from guests

Reviews are a super important element of your spot listing. Spots that have recent reviews see an uptick in reservations from guests. This can create a virtuous cycle for your spot. 

Many guests worry about what they don't know they don't know about a sniff spot. Reviews set their mind at ease that there will be no surprises when they get there. Getting your first couple reviews is hugely helpful for guests looking at your listing. The most reviews you have the better, in fact, Airbnb did a study that showed reservations doubled on their listings once a listing had 10 reviews.

Additionally, even if you have a lot of reviews, having recent reviews will bring you even more guests. If you are able to get enough reviews, this can create a virtuous cycle where recent reviews are bringing more guests which are writing you more reviews. 

As a new host, you won't have any reviews, so getting your first few reviews will help you to get started. 

  • Always review guest's for every visit they make to your spot. This will encourage those guests to leave you a review as well. You can write reviews for past reservations from your reservation page
  • Make sure to provide a great experience for all of your guests. Read how here.
  • Reviews can only be given by a verified guest, meaning a guest that has booked through Sniffspot, but it is totally fine to invite your friends, family or neighbors to book your Sniffspot and write you a review. 
  • Follow our easy, free tips for marketing your spot to local dog owners.
  • We have created the First Review Program to incentivize guests to give hosts their first review. Read more about the First Review Program here.
  • We recommend following up with guests after they visit to ask for a review by sending them a message.
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