Auto messaging first time guests

As a host, it is important to provide a great experience for first time guests, since first time guests are often unfamiliar with the spot and may need some extra hand holding in order to have a safe and enjoyable experience. 

Sniffspot offers the ability for hosts to automatically send a drafted message to all first time guests before their first visit. You can write your own automated welcome message for this to include things like a warm welcome, rules, parking instructions, any important direction information or anything else pertinent to a new guest having a great first experience. These messages will appear in your chat history with the guest just like any other message.

The message is sent to the guest two hours before their visit time. If they book less than two hours before the booking time, the message is sent immediately.

Set up auto messages from your message center by clicking the gear icon. 

You can see the demo for how this works here:

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