Providing fencing information for your spot

Fencing is one of the most important aspects of a spot to guests. Many guests are looking for secure spots that are completely dog proof. Some guests are fine with open spots with no fencing at all. 

Here is how to edit / update your fencing details on your spot:

  • Go to your host account here
  • Go to the Listing Details tab
  • Fencing details will be below the Size field on that page

You can make sure to provide complete information so guests know what to expect when they visit your spot. 

  • Enclosure type: we require this for all spots. Make sure to select if your spot is "Fully Fenced", "Partially Fenced" or "Unfenced"
  • Fence height: we require this for all spots. Many fully fenced spots have fencing of various heights, so make sure to select the lowest height of the fence. Some guests have dogs that can jump over fences of certain heights, so they will want a fence of at least a certain height. If your spot is unfenced or partially fenced, select N/A.
  • Gaps or holes in fence: this is not required, but very helpful to hosts. Some hosts have fully fenced spots that have a small gap or a break - you can use this field to provide information about that. Additionally, if your spot is fenced with cattle fencing or some other kind of fencing that a small dog could get through, you can include that information here. 

You can update this information in your host account here.

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