How does updating my calendar work?

You can update your calendar by logging into your host account here

In your portal you will see a link to your calendar. 

Your calendar shows available times as white and non-available times as green. Reservations are shown as a non-available time (we also block 30 min on either side of reservations to ensure there is no overlap in dogs). 

To block a time on your calendar (to make it show as unavailable): 

  • Clicking or touch a white part of your calendar (if touching, hold your finger down for one second) - an editor will open and you can add a block to your calendar. 
  • You can add a one time block or a repeating block if there is a specific time you are regularly not available. 

You can remove blocks on your calendar by clicking on the block and pressing the delete button. 

If you want to see what your calendar looks like to a guest, go to your public listing page and click the calendar link. 

You can view our calendar tutorial here.

This is an article for hosts to manage their calendar. If you are a guest and want to learn about calendars, go here

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