How to snooze or remove my sniff spot

If you can't have guests over to your spot for a certain period of time, we recommend you update your calendar to reflect this. You can learn how to do this here.

Furthermore, if you are going to away for a set period of time, you can snooze your spot. If you log into your host account and go to your listing edit page, use the toggle switch at the top of the page and switch to off, then select the snooze option and set a date that you would like your spot to turn back on. You can snooze your spot for up to 150 days.

However, if you can't have guests over to your spot indefinitely or you would like to cancel / close your account, then you can turn off your spot through the on/off switch at the top of your listing edit page in your host account. You can turn your spot on or off instantly and as frequently as you would like. When the switch is toggled to the left, that means your spot is off. When the switch is toggled to the right, that means your spot is on. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: if you are turning off your spot, this does not cancel existing reservations in the future. These bookings must be honored. 

How to turn your spot off


 When a spot is turned off, it cannot be found in search and it cannot be booked.

In the case that you want to completely delete your listing, please email [email protected] Deleting your listing cannot be undone and Sniffspot will be unable to pay you for past bookings if you delete your spot.

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