Can I set my spot to "request to book"?

All Sniffspot bookings are automatically and instantly confirmed based on calendar availability. Some hosts would prefer to confirm bookings manually via a "request to book" function - where guests ask to book a time and are not confirmed until the host reviews their request and confirms it. Sniffspot does not offer this option today. 

We used to offer a request to book option, but we found that this option did not work as well for hosts or for guests. Hosts found that it was tiring to need to constantly be watching their phone and manually confirming every booking. Guests wanted to be able to make their plans real time and found it challenging to need to wait to be confirmed. On top of that, it was a bad experience to request a time that showed as available and be denied that time. We found when hosts tried instant book they preferred it over request to book and guests booked instant book spots 2x more than request to book spots. Over time, the percent of bookings going to request to book spots dropped to only a couple of percent and we found that we could not justify supporting this feature any more. 

We provide a detailed calendar for our hosts to decide what times are available for booking and advanced notice requirement settings. If a guest does happen to book at a time that was mistakenly available on the calendar, hosts can cancel that booking.

We are always listening to feedback from our host community and we would certainly consider adding this back in the future based on host feedback, but we have no plans to do so at this time.

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