Can I set limitations on use of my space?

Yes! Here are some examples of how you can set limitations of use for your space:

  • Every sniff spot has a calendar that the host can edit from their portal with their sniff spot's availability and also records all reservations. 
  • We require all dogs to have current vaccinations and flea prevention. 
  • You can require up to 24 hours of advanced notice for bookings so you will never be surprised by a booking (however, we recommend setting less advanced notice because many guests prefer to book with less advanced notice)
  • You can set an availability window that limits how far in advance guests can book
  • You can set a maximum booking length for your spot
  • You can also set a maximum number of dogs allowed to book at one time, although by no means do you need to set a maximum. 
  • You can set rules for your space that guests are required to abide by

Note: To be an inclusive community, we do not allow identity-based exclusions for people or dogs (e.g., breed restrictions). The only exception to this is when a city or country has breed-specific legislation that prohibits a host from accepting a booking due to breed. You can read more about our Inclusion Policy here

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