How to meet first time guests

Hosts are not required to meet first time guests. If you need to meet with first time guests to explain the spot to them, make sure to arrange this in a safe way. Hosts are not allowed to meet guest dogs without specific arranging with each guest in advance. This is important for safety because some dogs are reactive to strangers and approaching them could be triggering to the dog. 

So if you need to meet a first time guest in advance, make sure to arrange it with the guest to meet them when they arrive. If the guest would like, they can leave their dog(s) in the car or with a companion while you introduce them to the spot. 

Important things not to do:

  • Do not approach the guest's car when they arrive, unless you have specifically arranged this in advance
  • If the guest has already entered the spot, do not enter the spot or approach the guest. You should message the guest through the app and coordinate how to meet with them. 

Rather than meeting guests, you can do the following to give them information they need without needing to meet them:

  • Add relevant information to your listing (but this information is publicly available, so only share information that anyone can know) - for instance, you can add an image with a map of your property
  • Add relevant information, including images, to your Access instructions, which are only shared after a user books
  • Add a welcome message which is automatically sent to new guests 2 hours before a confirmed visit
  • Add signs to your spot so guests can more easily self serve

You can read more about how to provide a safe experience for guests here.

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