CHECKLIST: Marketing your spot

Marketing your spot is key to being successful as a Sniffspot host. Marketing can help build your business, but having frequent guests is important for becoming a Top Spot.

There are many easy ways you can spread the word about your spot to local dog parents. Below is a checklist for marketing your spot:

1. First, make sure you are ready for new guests to visit:

  • Make sure you have the best listing. Read our guide here
  • Ensure you are set up to provide a great experience to guests to turn new guests into regular guests. Read our guide here.

2. Social media: This is a super-easy way to get huge awareness for your new spot. 

3. Website: If you have a personal or business website, make sure to link to your spot from your website.

4.  Flyers: Post flyers in key areas around your neighborhood. Read more here

5.  Yard sign: Signs are a great way to alert local dog parents of a new spot in their area. Read more here to learn how.

6.  Craigslist: Yes, Craigslist can work well for attracting new guests. Read more here.

7.  Email

  • Send an email out to friends. Learn about how to do it here
  • Add your spot listing URL to your email signatures.

8. Local pet services providers: Ensure other local pet service providers are aware of your spot. Read more here.

9. Business-card-sized handouts: Carry business cards with you to hand out to folks. Read more here.

10. Reach out to local media: Local newspapers and blogs love to hear about locals with a new side hustle trying to help dogs. Read more here.

11.  Promo code: Hosts can create their own promo / discounts codes through the mobile app. Read more here.

For more ideas, we recommend joining our Sniffspot Host Community - which is our host-only community where hosts swap tips and ask questions. You can also check out the host marketing section of your host account here.

Once you are set up for providing a great experience for hosts, then check out our next articles for success as a host:

Check out a webinar video from David on marketing your spot:

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