CHECKLIST: marketing your spot

Marketing your spot is key to being successful as a Sniffspot host. Marketing can help build your business, but having frequent guests is also a key part of becoming a Top spot

There are many easy ways you can spread the word about your spot to local dog parents. Below is a checklist for marketing your spot:

1. First, make sure you are ready for new guests to visit:

  • Make sure you have the best listing. Read our guide here
  • Ensure you are set up to provide a great experience to guests to turn new guests into regular guests. Read our guide here.

2. Social media: this is a super-easy way to get huge awareness for your new spot. 

  • TikTok: TikTok is one of the best new platforms for spreading the word about your spot. We recommend being active on TikTok and encouraging your guests to share TikToks of their visits. Learn more here.
  • Post in local Facebook groups: this is actually the best way to spread the word about your spot because you can reach people in your community even that you may not know personally. Read more about how to do this here
  • Share on Facebook: post about Sniffspot directly from your Facebook page. Learn more here
  • Join our Sniffspot Community group: engage with our community. Try not to post too often, so people aren't overwhelmed, but certainly participate in the community!
  • Post on Instagram: Instagram is a perfect platform for Sniffspot because Instagram is photo-oriented, and everyone loves dog photos! Read how to do it here
  • Share on Nextdoor: Nextdoor is perfect for sharing your spot because it is oriented around locals only, so you can target dog parents that are near enough to your spot to visit. Make a general post about your new sniff spot. Make sure to make it accessible to the public to maximize your reach. You can post every week about your sniff spot. If you can, take photos of your guests using your sniff spot to share.
  • Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok. Join our channel on Youtube.
  • Share on Reddit
  • Google Places: put your spot on the map, literally — just use your listing’s custom URL. This will show your spot on Google Maps and Google Local Search.
  • FourSquare enables you to register your business to boost traffic.
  • Social media advertising is a valuable option as well. You can place ads on Facebook or Instagram where you can specifically target the types of guests you’re looking for.
  • You could also create your own Facebook page, Instagram handle, and Twitter handle for your spot and begin to collect followers that way.
  • Send us a video tour of your spot! You can easily record a tour on your cell phone in a few minutes. Email it to [email protected] and we may share it on social media or in other marketing materials. Some of our past tours have gone viral with over a million views. Here is an example of a easy and great host video tour

3. Website: if you have a personal or business website, make sure to link to your spot from your website

4.  Flyers: post flyers in key areas around your neighborhood. Read more here

5.  Yard sign: signs are a great way to alert local dog parents of a new spot in their area. Read more here to learn how.

6.  Craigslist: yes, Craigslist can work well for attracting new guests. Read more here.

7.  Email

  • Send an email out to friends. Learn about how to do it here
  • Add your spot listing URL to your email signatures.

8. Local pet services providers: Ensure other local pet service providers are aware of your spot. Read more here.

9. Business-card-sized handouts: carry business cards with you to hand out to folks. Read more here.

10. Reach out to local media: local newspapers and blogs love to hear about locals with a new side hustle trying to help dogs. Read more here.

11.  Promo code: we can give you a custom promo code to offer $5 off to first-time Sniffspot visitors. Read more here.

For more ideas, we recommend joining our Sniffspot Host Community - which is our host-only community where hosts swap tips and ask questions. You can also check out the host marketing section of your host account here.

Once you are set up for providing a great experience for hosts, then check out our next articles for success as a host:

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