Sharing your spot in Facebook groups

Sharing your spot in local Facebook groups is one of the best and easiest ways to advertise your spot. Local groups on Facebook are communities of folks that live in your area. Here is how to post in local Facebook groups:

  • Join relevant groups to announce your sniff spot. We find that local community groups and dog owner groups have the best response.
    • You can find these groups through searching on Facebook for groups with keywords like:
      • {your neighborhood / city} community
      • {your neighborhood / city} dog
      • {your neighborhood / city} pet
      • {your neighborhood / city} canine
  • Sample text for post in Facebook group
    • Does anyone else wish there were safe, private, worry-free play areas for dogs closer to their home? Same here! To help, I have actually begun offering my property as an off leash dog play area through Sniffspot. I would love for you to come by, check it out and let friends in the area know about it. 
    • Use this promo code for $5 off your first visit to Sniffspot: {insert your custom promo code}
    • You can find more information and check out photos at {insert your listing URL}.
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