How do I promote my spot on Facebook?

Hosts who share their spots on Facebook can drive hundreds and even thousands of people to their spot listings. That's a lot, considering more than 10 percent of all bookings on Sniffspot originate from social media!

Here's a quick guide on sharing the perfect Facebook post to drive guests to your listing:

  • Go to and make sure you are logged in
  • In the Create Post section at the top you will write a caption. We recommend including words that mention the best parts of your spot, and include an action like “Book now!” or “Share this post with your friends!”
    • Example #1: My sniff spot, [insert your spot's name], is available for pups to play! Feel free to share, or tag a friend who you think may be interested in safe, private play time for their pups. Get $5 off your first Sniffspot visit with our promo code: {insert your custom promo code}
    • Example #2: Hi everyone, I am excited to let you know that I am offering my property as an off leash area for dogs using Sniffspot! Anyone can come by and let their dog run off leash. Come by, check it out and let friends with dogs know that there is a new dog play area option in the area! Get $5 off your first Sniffspot visit with our promo code: {insert your custom promo code}. You can find more information and check out photos at {insert your listing URL}. 
  • Once you’re finished writing your caption, be sure to tag “@sniffspot”.
    • To tag, press the “Shift" and "2" button at the same time to create an @ symbol.
    • After you create the @ symbol, type “sniffspot” and select our page.
  • Make sure your post is set to public, so it’s viewable to potential guests when shared.
    • In order to set the post to public, make sure the button on the bottom right across from “News Feed” is set to public.
  • Press “Publish to Facebook.”

Congrats, your post has been shared on Facebook!

Bonus steps: To boost your shares, you can go to your own Facebook page, and find your own post. Click “comment” and tag a few friends in the comments! This should help with your post’s engagement and likes.

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