Ensuring guests behave well

As your spot gets more and more popular, you will have more and more guests. While exceedingly rare, you may have a guest that does not follow your rules. Here are some tips for how to prevent this issue and what to do if it happens.

You can prevent guests not following your rules by:

  • Setting clear rules for your spot in the Rules field in the Preferences section of your Host account
  • You can also add your rules to the Access Instructions field of your spot. This way they will be sent to every guest when they book.
  • You can also add your rules to the Description of your spot
  • You can add a sign at your spot that re-iterates the rules as guests enter the spot

If you have a guest that still does not follow your rules:

  • You can send them a private note after their visit to remind them of your rules
  • You can give them public feedback in your rating and review of their visit
  • For severe infractions or cases where the guest does not comply with our Community Guidelines, you can report them to customer service. If it is a severe or repeat offense, we may remove that guest from our community all together.
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