How to host a dog water park

Swimming pools, beaches, lakes, ponds, river, streams and creeks are some of the most popular amenities. If you offer water amenities, make sure to mark them on your amenity list and it can help with marketing your spot.

Safety tips

You can help guests ensure that they are safe using your spot with water. Here are a few suggestions:

  • We recommend including the following in your hazards and access instructions: "This spot has a water feature, make sure to review these guidelines for visiting spots with water before visiting:"
  • Make sure to highlight any specific hazards to the water (fast moving water, deep water, etc.)
  • If you have still water, let folks know so they can be aware of any algae and steer clear of their dog potentially drinking it
  • If you have a pool with a pool cover, we recommend avoiding soft covers for the pool since dogs and people can get snared in them
  • If the entry way to water is steep, you may consider adding a ramp for easier entry, exit and to avoid any potential erosion.
  • Add a sign next to your water feature to remind guests to be safe and that no lifeguard is on duty. See our "No lifeguard" sign for easy ordering.
  • Review our guest water safety rules

Cleaning tips

Some hosts ask how they can keep a spot pool clean when dogs are using it. Here are some tips from the myriad hosts sharing swimming pools on Sniffspot today:

  • Here's my setup (150+ Reservations this season and no issues): Until your skimmer socks arrive use pantyhose to catch all the hair in the skimmer basket. Switch your pump/filter to recirculate and 100% open on the skimmer and and ~25% on the main drain (incase skimmer basket gets clogged you'll still draw water). During visits the pool should be on recirculate with the same bias and not switched back to filter mode until the pool is hair free. Use a skimmer net to grab all you can on your own. Backwash and rinse once a week. Also, I point the jet that's inline with the skimmer slightly up so its pushing water towards the skimmer. Some folks have purchase a Beta Bot and had rave reviews, I plan on picking one up next season.
  • For a pool, skimmer basket socks have been a life saver. We also have a basket in line on our vacuum. We’re planning on investing in a solar powered skimmer next, hear they are worth the investment. Anything to catch hair before the pump filter will help. I personally check chemistry daily just to ensure it’s proper, but not saying that’s a requirement. Every pup is different, some you can’t even tell we’re there. Some bring with them a lot of fur or dirt, so I always try and check between appointments and sweep or skim as needed.
  • For a swimming pool, the filter socks I purchased off Amazon have been life changing!! I’ve had to have my pool guy come a few times to clear clogs that would stop my pump from filtering but haven’t had the issue since using the socks & a leaf canister on my vacuum! Also recommend asking guests to throughly brush pups prior & providing a skimming pole if you aren’t available to skim right after 😊
  • Skimmer socks, basket and sock on the vaccum line (I actually leave my vacuum in even when guests come), solar powered skimmer robot has been a life saver and I put it in during the 30 minutes in between visits on a busy day, skimming in between EVERY visit with the net as well. Telling guests NOT to throw treats in the pool (yes, I have had to make this a rule because people don't think about your expensive pool filtration system) and limiting the number of dogs to 3 except for the occasional exception, having our pool guy hose and clean and hose the filter EVERY week. On a REALLY busy day, I turn the pump off at the end of the day and use Magic Jack pool drops to draw all the hair into the center to easily net it out.
  • Betta SE (2023 Model) - Solar Powered Automatic Robotic Pool Skimmer with Enhanced Core Durability and Re-Engineered Twin Salt Chlorine Tolerant Motors (White) We have a large, in-ground pool and this has been a lifesaver! Worth every penny. Picks up so much pet fur and tree debris, runs via solar panels, easy to clean, absolutely love it! Literally toss it in the pool and leave it in there.


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