Safe practices when visiting spots with water

The following water safety best practices are designed to help keep you and your loved ones safe. We highly recommend following them as well as all water safety rules shared by your Host prior to accessing their water feature.

Unless otherwise stated, there are no lifeguards on duty at spots. It is your responsibility to keep dogs and humans safe when in the water.

Learn how to swim

  • Make sure your dog and any humans have practiced swimming in open water before entering a Host's water feature, all dogs and humans should be physically able to perform basic swimming skills, including doggy paddling to stay afloat and an ability to safely enter and exit the water. 

  • Those who cannot swim or have not demonstrated basic swimming skills in the past should wear a life jacket. These floatation devices are an extra layer of protection and assist with constant visual supervision. They do not take the place of supervision.

Maintain supervision

  • Always supervise your pet and any children within arm’s reach while in and around the water.
  • Be aware of features like drains to avoid your dog and humans accidentally getting stuck. 
  • Be prepared to enter the water if you notice your dog or humans struggling to stay afloat. Gently assist in keeping them afloat while guiding them to the edge of the water so they can safely exit. 
  • Learn Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) for dogs and humans

In case of emergency

Know the address of the pool in case you need to call 911 and alert first responders to an incident.

Additional safety information

Dog water safety (PetMD)

Human water safety (Healthlink)

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