How do bookings work?

You signed up to host your sniff spot, you followed our tips on how to be a great host, now you are ready to get booked. But how does getting booked work? Let us walk you through it.

Every listing has a button for a guest to Book. 

When a guest clicks that button, they fill out their reservation information: time they would like to book, certifying that their dog is up to date on vaccinations, reading and certifying the Waiver and Release. Once they submit their reservation information, they make payment for their reservation.

If you are set up for Booking, once they have paid they will be automatically confirmed for their visit. If you are set up for Request to Book, you receive a email and SMS notification with a link to their request for reservation with all of their information. You can also view all pending Requests to Book on 

You can accept/confirm or (if needed) decline the reservation:

  • If you accept the reservation, the guest is given your address and access instructions.
  • If you need to decline the reservation, the guest is notified and refunded.
  • If you do not respond to the reservation, after 24 hours or within 1 hour of the reservation (whichever is sooner), the reservation is automatically canceled and the guest is refunded.
  • To communicate with your guest after they book, use the SniffSpot messaging tool. It's important for the guest experience that you do not ask a guest to contact you via your phone number. This is confusing to guests. Please keep all communication through the SniffSpot messaging tools. 

You can view and manage all of your reservations through your reservation page.


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