Can professional dog parks host with Sniffspot?

Yes, we have many professional dog parks that host with Sniffspot as long as they conform to our host requirements

The thing to keep in mind is that we require our hosts to accept all bookings that come from our guests. So guests will find you on our site and will book your spot. Some professional spots prefer to decline bookings to re-direct users to book directly with them to fit some specific booking process they have - we don't allow this because it breaks our user experience.

In order for a guest to book, we require their dogs are up to date on core vaccines and on flea / parasite preventative. If you want to require additional certifications, you can add in your listing Description field AND Access Instructions field that you require specific certifications to be provided upon the first visit. Then guests can book your spot and bring that info with them on their first booking. It would be even smoother for our guests if you would not require additional certifications. 
We do not allow links to third party websites, so you cannot link out from your spot detail page.

Ready to host? You can learn more and get started here.

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