What are the requirements to use Sniffspot?

We have general Sniffspot requirements to use and each spot has rules that can set requirements for us of that specific spot. So make sure to check the rules of any given spot as well to make sure that it works for you.

For general rules, the following are not allowed to use Sniffspot:

  • Unattended dogs
  • Dogs that have been declared dangerous by a court or animal control
  • Dogs that have previously bitten a person or animal
  • Animals that are not dogs
  • Minors who are booking for themselves; minors are only welcome when a parent or guardian books on their behalf and the minor is part and parcel to the parent’s consent and acceptance of risk
  • Anybody under the influence of drugs or alcohol, including marijuana
  • Humans without dogs
  • Dogs that are not compliant with our health requirements: https://help.sniffspot.com/article/68-what-vaccines-do-you-require
  • Dogs that are pregnant

We also do not allow guests with certain criminal backgrounds:

    • A conviction for murder, rape, terrorism, child molestation, felony burglary, felony larceny, or animal abuse / cruelty / neglect related charges
    • Guests listed on any sex offender list

Also, make sure you review our general guest rules before using Sniffspot.

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