Memberships (for guests)

Memberships are monthly subscriptions to your favorite spots. Only certain hosts are offering memberships currently. Members can manage their memberships here.

Members get these benefits:

  • Support hosts at your favorite spots
  • Member-only hours
  • Set monthly pricing
  • Any other benefit that the spot provides

There are three tiers of memberships - and each host sets their own price for each tier:

  • 2 hours per month
  • 4 hours per month
  • 8 hours per month

Guests are issued credit in dollars equivalent to the number of hours for each month at the current list price. Members are charged whatever the membership tier rate is. As an example, if a member buys 8 hours per month for $60.00 per month and the list price of the spot is $10 per hour, that $60.00 buys them $80.00 of credit ($10 list rate x 8). So when booking it will show on the breakdown as a $10.00 charge, and $10.00 is deducted from the member credit balance. So this member would pay $60 and get $80 worth of bookings. 

Another way to look at this is like a gift card. You are buying a $100 gift card for $75 - just like at Costco or Sam's Club. The member only pays $75 but can then shop at a particular Sniffspot (store) and spend the $100 credit (giftcard) on any item related to a reservation- time, dogs, extras, etc.

You can see whether your favorite hosts are offering memberships by looking for the membership badge on their spot detail page! You can easily sign up there.


Q: How does pricing work with multiple dogs?

A: All dogs after the 1st dog are 50% off.

Q: How am I charged for my membership?

A: You are charged monthly on the 1st of the month for your membership. Credit will be added to your account for the amount of hours of your membership. If you sign up part way through a month, your charge and credit will be prorated for the remaining days in the month.

Q: What happens if I don't use all my hours in a month?

A: Hours roll over month to month up to a maximum balance of 10 hours before adding credit for the next month. These hours are available as long as you are an active member.

Q: What is the cancellation policy on memberships?

A: Members can cancel renewal of their membership at any time. There is a grace period for member refunds. If a member signed up within the last 7 days and hasn't used any credit, they can cancel and can get a refund for the membership. Just email us at [email protected] if you qualify and would like a refund.

Q: How do I make a change to my membership?

A: You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel a membership through the app or website. If you have an active membership, you will have a tile on your homepage that enables you to change your membership, or you can edit them here.

Q: Can I book additional hours beyond my membership?

A: Yes, you can always book time beyond your membership at any spot. It works just like booking at any other spot. Bookings beyond the membership credit are charged at full price.

Q: Can I have a membership at multiple spots?

A: Yep!

Q: What happens if a spot I am a member at becomes inactive?

A: If a spot becomes permanently unavailable, we will cancel your membership and refund you for unused hours.


Members can manage their memberships here.

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