Sniffspot is now enabling hosts to offer memberships to select hosts. Memberships are a monthly subscription for guests that gives them a set number of hours for a fixed price, as well as other benefits. This is an invite only program at the moment.

Benefits of memberships to you include:

  • Higher earnings
  • More consistent guests and earnings
  • Higher quality guests
  • Be one of the first few hosts to test this new offering

What you need to do:

  • Sign up here
  • We will handle all administration of the memberships with guests

Of course, we will want to get a lot of your feedback from this test to inform our future iterations. It would be fun to have you be a part of it!

Please email [email protected] if you have any questions or feedback. Thank you!


Q: What do guests get included in their membership?

A: When guests become a member at your spot, they can get these benefits:

  • We will enable you to provide member-only hours for your spot - periods when only members can book a visit. You can choose which hours (if any) to provide for your members.
  • Guests will have a fixed monthly price for your spot. See below for pricing.
  • We enable you to define whatever other benefits you would like to include for your members

Q: How does pricing work for memberships?

A: Guests will have 3 options for memberships  and you set the base price for each. IMPORTANT: you can set a price that is higher than your current price per visit, the same or lower - you have complete control. Guests will select how many dogs they want in their membership hours and we will increase the price proportional to our multi-dog pricing today (50% off all dogs after the first dog).

  • 2 hours per month
  • 4 hours per month
  • 8 hours per month

Q: How do member-only hours work?

A: You will be able to  optionally set member-only hours from your calendar (calendar blocks will have an option to allow members to book during that time). At checkout, members will be able to book these times and non-members will not be able to. You don't need to set any specific hours for members and you have complete control over this.

Q: What other member benefits can I provide?

A: We give you a text field to provide whatever other benefits you would like to provide. It could be Extras included in the price, or special access to areas of the property, or extra good customer service. You can experiment to find something that works! The same rules of insurance coverage apply here - if you provide a benefit that is a good or service or something that is not generally found in a spot, then it may not be covered by insurance.

Q: How will guests sign up for memberships?

A: When a non-member guest sees member-only hours on your calendar, they will be able to request more information about the program. We also recommend that you reach out to your regular guests and invite them to join as a member.

Q: What is the membership cancellation policy for guests?

A: Members can cancel renewal of their membership at any time, the membership will end at the end of the month in which they cancel. Whenever a member signs up or cancels we will email you to let you know

Q: How will I keep track of my members?

A: Members will also be marked on reservations. We will also provide you a Google sheet with your active members on it.

Q: What are fees on memberships?

A: Our standard fees apply to the membership and the full amount of the membership due to you will be deposited to your account each month (regardless of how much the guest uses)

Q: How will we keep track of how many hours a guest has or uses?

A: Hosts don't need to do this. Our system will track how many hours a guest has on their membership and how many they have used; member hours will accrue month to month up to a maximum of 10 accrued hours, but they lose accrued credits if they cancel their membership.

Q: What happens if I need to shut down my spot temporarily or permanently?

A: Since there is a limited accrual of hours month to month, this takes the pressure of you as a host. You can shut down your spot temporarily and guests will not lose their hours. If you need to shut down your spot permanently, just let us know and we can cancel your memberships and refund the guests for their unused hours.

Q: How do I enable memberships on my spot?

A: Fill out this form to be enabled for memberships.

Q: How can I make changes to my member settings, cancel a member or stop offering memberships?

A: You can change your member settings, cancel a guest membership or stop offering memberships at any time by emailing [email protected]. If your members have hours that they have not used on their membership, we will simply refund them for the amount.

Q: Can I set the maximum number of guests allowed?

A: Yes, this is a setting where you can control how many members are allowed at your spot.

Q: When will memberships launch?

A: We will be finalizing the exact launch date, but it will be within a few weeks (and we will let you know the exact date in advance)

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