Review Policy

This article is our review policy. To learn how to write a review, go here.
Visit reviews allow guests and hosts to share their experiences and feedback with the Sniffspot community. Honest feedback is what makes the Sniffspot community strong. So, we encourage you to leave reviews and star ratings for every visit. That’s especially true when you’ve had a particularly positive or negative experience.
We may, or may not, remove reviews and/or review photos under the following conditions:

Reviews and/or review photos may be removed if:

  • Include profanity or vulgarity
  • Contain personally-identifying information such as addresses, phone numbers, or last names
  • Reflect booked visits that didn’t take place
  • Be incentivized by a promise for payment, extra services, or a discounted rate
  • Be motivated by a threat of extortion

Because hosts and guests may have different points of view about a visit and that misunderstandings may arise, reviews and/or review photos will not be removed if:

  • the parties disagree about the events that occurred
  • one party believes the review to be unfair
  • circumstances are other than those outlined above

For reviews to be valuable to Sniffspot's members, everyone must be able to share their candid point of view.  


We do not alter reviews, except to remove reviews when they violate this policy.

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