How do I write a review?

We expect our guests to write reviews on spots they visit. This is an important part of how our community works. It helps hosts when guests write reviews and it also helps other guests. Over 80% of our guests review spots that they visit. 

If you have already written a review for a spot and you visit again, we would still love for you to write a new review for your visit, but it is not required.

Guests can only write reviews on spots that they have visited - meaning they have a confirmed reservation for which the start time of the reservation is in the past. Guests can only write one review per visit. Guests cannot see reviews that hosts have written for them until they write a review for that host or the review writing window expires (10 days after the reservation).

If you have a draft review that has not been submitted, it is automatically submitted when the review window expires.

Guests can write reviews in the following ways:

  • Go to your Visits page and select the reservation that you would like to write a review for. 
  • We send you reminder emails and text messages to write a review if you haven't written a review on that spot before. You can follow the link in those emails.
  • There is a link to write a review in the confirmation email for your reservation.
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