Keeping a clean spot

Sniffspot is a community of guests and hosts. Both parties have a responsibility to provide a great experience for the other. Guests have a responsibility to leave spots at least as clean as when they got there. Hosts can do their part by providing a clean spot to begin with. Here are some great ways to provide a clean spot:

  • Provide a good first impression - make it easy to find with signs, keep it clear of any clutter or objects like trash cans, etc.
  • Keep the spot clear of foreign objects - guests really appreciate spots being clear of objects that could hurt dogs (paint cans, vehicles, scrap, etc.)
  • Clean up pet waste - if you have dogs, make sure that pick up before your guest visits
  • Provide sanitizer - provide environmentally-friendly sanitizer so that guests can easily clean toys and water bowls after use. We really like Seventh Generation All-Purpose Disinfecting Spray (see it here on Amazon).
  • Have guests fill water bowls - guests appreciate having water for their dogs, but, if possible, provide the water bowls empty and have each guest fill their own water bowl from a water source (e.g. a hose). This way guests can sanitize their water bowl after use and it minimizes standing water in the spot.
  • Sanitize toys and water bowl - we recommend thoroughly spraying with environmentally-friendly sanitizer all toys, water bowls and other objects regularly. We really like Seventh Generation All-Purpose Disinfecting Spray (see it here on Amazon).
  • Regularly sanitize hard surfaces: Concrete and hard surfaces should be hosed down with environmentally-friendly sanitizer regularly to kill any parasites that might be left behind in fecal matter.
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