Sniffpass (for hosts)

This article is Sniffpass from the host perspective. To learn about Sniffpass from the guest perspective, go here.

Sniffpass is a cross-Sniffspot subscription where Sniffpass holders buy credit monthly and get discounts. There are three tiers of Sniffpass (Bronze, Silver and Gold) with different discounts.

All Sniffpass holders get 10% off all spots and all bookings (this discount is funded by Sniffspot, not hosts).

Hosts can opt in/out of offering additional Sniffpass discounts through their pricing page in their host account spot edit page. Hosts who offer additional discounts have their spot marked as such so that Sniffpass holders can find spots that offer higher discounts. Hosts are opted in by default to offering additional Sniffpass discounts.

Sniffpass additional discounts are as follows on all bookings:

  • 5% for Bronze Sniffpass holders
  • 10% for Silver Sniffpass holders
  • 15% for Gold Sniffpass holders

Hosts get paid for Sniffpass holder bookings just like any other bookings, but if a booking is made entirely with Sniffpass credit there are no payment processing fees charged to the host.

Here are the details on the guest offering for each tier of Sniffpass:

  • Bronze: $20 per month, $20 credit, 10% off all spots all bookings, +5% additional discount at Sniffpass spots
  • Silver: $60 per month, $60 credit, 10% off all spots all bookings, +10% additional discount at Sniffpass spots
  • Gold: $120 per month, $120 credit, 10% off all spots all bookings, +15% additional discount at Sniffpass spots

Here are some more details on how Sniffpass works:

  • When Sniffpass holders sign up, they are charged for their first full month. Then, Sniffpass holders are charged per month on the 1st of each month using their primary payment method on file until renewal is canceled.
  • Sniffpass discounts apply to all bookings whether made with Sniffpass credits or not.
  • Credits should be used in the month, but there is a 2-month grace period to use credits before they expire.
  • Spots can freely opt in or out of offering Sniffpass discounts.
  • Outside of applicable grace period refunds, payments are non-refundable, but Sniffpass holders can cancel future payments at any time through their account.
  • Sniffpass holders are subject to all Sniffspot terms.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Can you give an example of payouts to host who accepts the Sniffpass: Sniffpass members vs non-Sniffpass members?

A: The fees will be the same, but there will be different discounts. Let's break down a $10 booking for simplicity. Below is the earnings schedule for bookings from Sniffpass holders (note: No Sniffpass means the host does not offer additional Sniffpass discounts; Sniffpass means they do offer additional Sniffpass discounts):

Q: What does being a Sniffpass Spot require of hosts?

A: Nothing. You just check a box in your account, and a discount is automatically applied to all Sniffpass holder bookings at your spot. There are no special hours or any other benefits.

Q: Can someone have a regular membership and Sniffpass at the same time?

A: Yep! These two things are independent. The guest will get a separate monthly charge for each membership and Sniffpass.

Q: Do the membership and Sniffpass discounts stack?

A: If a member has Sniffpass, it will discount bookings made with membership credits, so it would have the effect of giving a member extra hours at your spot for the same price. For example, let's say your spot has a $10 list price, is not opted in to additional Sniffpass discounts, and someone buys 4 hours for $36 per month as a member. They would get $40 of credit for $36. They are a Sniffpass holder too. When they book, they will get a 10% discount on their booking, so they will pay $9 of credit per booking. With Sniffpass, a member will pay $36 per month and get 4.44 hours per month.

Q: If a guest has eligible membership credits and Sniffpass credits, which credits are applied to the booking?

A: Membership credits are applied first; then Sniffpass credits are applied.

Q: Is there a discount to the extras or just the booking?

A: Extras will be discounted too.

Q: What about member-only hours? Do Sniffpass holders get access to special hours?

A: Sniffpass holders do not get access to member-only hours, and they have no special hours.

Q: If we choose not to opt in, can people still use their Sniffpass at our location and just not get a discount more than the 10% off Sniffspot covers? Or can they only use it at spots that opt in?

A: Sniffpass credit is used on any booking at any spot. The Sniffpass 10% discount that is funded by Sniffspot, not the host, is applied on any booking at any spot. The additional Sniffpass discounts are applied to all bookings, but only at spots that are opted in to offering the discounts.

Q: If a booking is made entirely with a Sniffpass credit, does a host get paid?

A: Yes. Sniffpass credit does not affect the amount owed to the host, so whether a guest pays with Sniffpass credit or not, the host is paid the same amount.

Q: How will my reservations earnings detail be different when a Sniffpass holder books?

A: If you aren't offering a discount, you shouldn't see any difference between a Sniffpass holder booking and non-Sniffpass holder booking on your reservation earnings detail. If you are offering a discount, you will see the discount amount deducted in the credits and discounts line on your reservation earnings detail.

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