Extras allow Hosts to offer customizable goods, rentals, and experiences for an additional fee at checkout (or when modifying their reservation) so guests can then enjoy them during their visit. 
Because Extras are currently 100% customizable, it’s up to you how creative you get with your offerings. You can set a name, description, and price. 
When a booking is made, guests will have the option to purchase your Extras for an additional fee during checkout. Sniffspot standard fees apply to Extras.
If a guest has purchased an extra, it'll appear in your booking confirmation email and on your host booking detail page.
Our cancellation and modification policy applies to Extras.
Setting up and managing Extras.
  • On your Host Dashboard, scroll to the 'Extras' section and click 'Extras' or click the Extras link in the header dropdown.
  • From here, you can create brand new Extras or manage existing ones.
  • For each Extra, you can set a name, description, and price. Extras can be turned on or off at any time at both the property and spot level.

What can you offer as an Extra
While you can get creative and offer anything as an Extra, here are some examples of Extra categories that you can consider:
1) Experiences
  • Get creative with your experiences! Some ideas to get started:
    • A tour of your farm or property or natural area
    • If you are a certified trainer, offering a variety of dog training classes
    • Any kind of lessons
    • Structured dog playdates
    • A nature walk highlighting the local ecology, flora, and fauna of your area
    • Etc.
  • Hosts are responsible for coordinating experience details and logistics with guests.
  • Be sure to review our guidelines on experiences.
2) Rentals
  • Rental ideas:
    • Agility equipment
    • Long lines
    • Grilling equipment
    • Etc
  • Hosts are responsible for coordinating rental details and logistics with guests.
  • Sniffspot does not support waivers or the collection of guest signatures.
3) Goods
  • Goods ideas:
    • Dog treats
    • Human food and drinks (e.g., Picnic package)
    • Firewood
    • Homemade crafts (e.g., dog collars, soaps, etc.)
    • Etc
  • Hosts are responsible for coordinating goods details and logistics with guests.

We do not allow charging as an Extra for unguided access to the spot itself since this should be included in the base price.

Liability and damage coverage

Liability for Sniffspot visits with Extras are covered, just like any Sniffspot visit. Liability related to free extras is covered as long as these Extras are within the Sniffspot visit. Liability related specifically to paid Extras is not covered by our liability insurance. So if a guest buys your doggie hang gliding extra and their dog is hurt hang gliding, that is not covered. If a guest buys your doggie hang gliding service and the guest sprains their ankle in your spot, that is covered by our liability insurance. We are working on adding insurance to cover more elements of Extras with our own liability insurance.

Extras are covered by our Damage Protection Guarantee.


If you are ready to get started, go to your Host Dashboard and add an Extra!

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