What happens if my property is damaged?

We provide $5000 of damage protection in case your property is damaged.

If you experience damage from a visit, please follow this process:

  • We certainly recommend providing honest feedback to the guest regarding your experience through the review process and / or the messaging system
  • If you would like reparations for the damage, then we recommend starting by following up with your guest and attempting to resolve it between you both
  • If you can't resolve it with your guest, then you can open a formal review by Sniffspot. We will review the guest and potentially remove them from the platform. We will also review your damage according to our Sniffspot damage protection guarantee. We require any request for formal review to be requested within 10 days of booking where the damage occured. 

There are limitations to damage coverage of Extras offered. Read more here.

You can read more about our damage protection program here. You can read more about general Trust & Safety here

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