How to handle a bad review

So you got a bad review. You never thought the day would come. After all, your hosting is unparalleled. But even the perfect host can’t please everyone. As bookings start to pile up, and more and more guests visit your spot, it’s only a matter of time before something goes wrong. Maybe a situation arose in your life that prevented you from attending to your guest’s needs or answering questions. Or, maybe your guest just had a bad experience totally unrelated to your spot and has decided to take it out on your spot. No matter the circumstances, seeing that 1/5 stars pop up on your page can feel like a full-handed slap on a cold morning. Still, it’s important to handle the news as cool and as calmly as possible. Even if you feel like kicking, screaming, and sending hate mail, do these things instead:

  1. Take it in perspective. A bad review is not a reflection on your or your spot. Don't let it get you down. Don't quit after getting a bad review.
  2. Talk it Out. You should do this as soon as you notice problems. If you are busy or unable to help, explain the situation to your guests so that they don’t feel intentionally neglected. If a bad review eventually comes in, directly contact your guest and figure out exactly what went wrong, you’ll be surprised how often a bad experience can be the result of a simple misunderstanding.
  3. Apologize (no matter what). Remember that, “the customer is always right”. Even if you think your guest’s review is unfair, apologize privately. Let them know you feel genuine remorse for their bad experience, and do everything you can to make amends. We also recommend writing a professional public note to let other prospective guests know that you are a conscientious host. Do show understanding for their complaints, but don’t be afraid to also defend yourself as a host!
  4. Do not ask the guest to change their review. Sniffspot's Review Policy does not allow for changing reviews and the guest cannot take down their review once it has been posted. If you feel that a guest's review violates Sniffspot's review policy, contact Sniffspot support to have it reviewed.
  5. Be Professional. Take the high road and realize that you will likely not gain anything by letting your frustration show to your guest. 
  6. Learn from it. Make something good out of a bad situation. Take your guest’s negative comments to heart, and use them to improve your listing for the future. Hey, if someone doesn’t like your spot, they don’t like your spot. Don’t take it personally.
  7. Avoid it! Prevention is always the best medicine. Make sure to follow our  checklist for creating an accurate spot listing and our  checklist for providing a great guest experience. Good communication is the tried and tested way to avoid guest dissatisfaction.
  8. Overcome it! If you get one bad review, we recommend taking efforts through marketing your spot to get more guests to visit. Their good reviews will quickly overwhelm the one bad review and let other prospective guests know your spot is amazing.
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