Can I host if I have dogs?

Short answer: absolutely! Many, if not most, of our hosts, have dogs. It can be very enriching for host dogs to have the scents of other dogs in their yard.

If you have dogs and are hosting, be aware that we require that your spot be free of dogs during guest visits. If possible, ALWAYS keep resident dogs non-visible and non-audible during visits - resident dogs audible or visible during visits can be a distraction to guests and their dogs and detract from their experience. Many of our guests have dogs that don't like to play with other dogs or people. So if you are hosting with dogs, make sure that they do not enter the spot during Sniffspot visits unless arranged in advance. If you do want to arrange a meeting with a guest dog, be aware of the risks of having your dogs meet guest dogs, read more here

Unless you can confirm otherwise, it is expected that you will provide your spot free of dogs during visits. Here are some tips for making sure that your dogs don't enter the spot during visits:

  • Ensure all members of your household are aware that you are hosting a Sniffspot and that your dogs should not enter the spot during a visit unless previously arranged with the guest.
  • Ensure all members of your household are aware of upcoming Sniffspot visits and hours during which the spot may be in use.
  • We also recommend, if your dog(s) use your spot as well as guests, getting in the habit (and encouraging your household to get in the habit) of checking your spot or parking area before letting your dogs out to be extra sure that your dogs will not interact with a guest you were not expecting to be there. 
  • If there is a door from your house that adjoins the spot, put a sign on the door to remind people that may be letting the dogs out to check if the spot is in use by a guest.
  • You can block out times when the yard is not available for Sniffspot visits so that you and your dogs can have time to enjoy the yard. Learn more about managing your calendar here
  • If your dogs are in your spot before a visit, make sure to bring them inside or to a different area 15 - 30 minutes before the start of a visit. Sometimes guests arrive early for visits.
  • If you consider your dogs dangerous or if they would be upset by visiting dogs, we might recommend reconsidering hosting for the sake of safety and peace of mind of your dogs.

You can read more about interacting with guest dogs here

Minimizing distractions at your spot could increase your earnings. Read more here.


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