Setting a booking preference for my spot

UPDATE: As of 3/31/20, all new hosts are set to Booking and no hosts can switch to Request to Book. No changes are being made for hosts that are currently set to Request to Book.

Sniffspot enables you to choose from two options for how guests will reserve your spot:

  • Booking: this is our recommended booking preference. A guest can book any time slot that is available on your calendar and be instantly confirmed and the guest receives the access instructions and address for the spot. There is no action required on the part of the host except to ensure that the spot is ready for the guest to visit at the booked time. When set to Booking, your calendar and advanced notice are still enforced, so guests can only book at available times.
  • Request to Book: a guest can request to book any time slot on your calendar, the host receives notifications via email and SMS and confirms that booking. Once the booking is confirmed, the guest receives the access instructions and address for the spot.

We recommend, if possible, setting your spot to Booking. Our guests prefer this because they do not need to wait for a confirmation in order to plan their visit. Spots set to Booking get 1.7x more visits than spots set to Request to Book. Additionally, spots set to Booking get boosted in our search ranking.

You can change your booking preferences on the Preferences tab of your host account here.

You can learn more about how getting booked works in general here

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