Are their local regulations for Sniffspot?

We require our hosts to comply with all local laws, regulations, and zoning ordinances. While we do not provide legal advice, we can provide you with helpful guidelines to consider, such as:

Business License: many jurisdictions require a business license for any kind of money-making activity. We recommend looking into this and getting a business license proactively. If required, in most cases, it is straightforward to get a business license.

Remitting Taxes: Most jurisdictions require that taxes be submitted for earnings collected. 

Zoning Laws: Some cities have laws that regulate the way you can use your home. You can find such laws in the zoning or planning codes or the city ordinances. For zoning purposes, Sniffspot is generally not to be considered a home occupation and not a public dog park but instead the rental of a private portion of a host's property for one booking at a time. If you have further questions or concerns, you can contact your local municipality.

Other: There can be other laws and regulations that could apply to your listing. Be sure to check with your local government if you have specific questions or concerns.Different jurisdictions have different requirements for business licenses and, due to the nature of local requirements, we do not provide guidance on specific local requirements for any hosts. If required, in most cases it is very easy to get a business license. We require our hosts to comply with all local laws, regulations and zoning. 

If you are approached by a city, state or other government organization regarding your spot, please email [email protected] to notify us.

If you have further questions, it may helpful to speak with a tax professional, your local municipality, or a lawyer. 


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