How to avoid surprise bookings when my listing is set to Booking?

Booking is the best way to maximize accessibility of your spot to prospective guests. Our guests prefer being instantly confirmed for spots, so they more frequently visit spot set to Book. However, one of the main reasons hosts do not set their spot to Booking is that they are worried about getting bookings by surprise and having the guest visit when the spot is not ready or occupied by someone else. Many of our hosts have others who are sometimes using the yard or sometimes are not always checking their phone. 

Even those hosts can still take advantage of our Booking option to make their spot more accessible to guests. There are two good ways to do this (you can use one method or the other or both!):

  1. You can set your Advanced Notice such that you feel comfortable that you will always have time to response to a Booking. For instance, if you are often in meetings during the day and can't check your phone, you can set a 3 hour advanced notice required so you will always have time to see the booking on your phone and make sure the spot is ready. However, be aware that many guests prefer to book with less advanced notice, so the less advanced notice you set the more available your spot will be for prospective guests.
  2. You can block out the times that your yard is unreliably available on your calendar. This will only allow people to book at times when your yard is reliably available. 

You can also keep tabs on all of your upcoming reservations on your reservation page.

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