How can I help spread the word about Sniffspot?

  1. Give us feedback on our website and service. We are hungry for feedback to make our product better! You can give us feedback here
  2. Follow us on social media and share our posts with the link to our website. Here is our Facebook and Instagram.
  3. Tell your neighborhood about us on and link to our website.
  4. Sign up for our newsletter and forward it to your friends. The newsletter sign up is in the footer of this page.
  5. Print some of our flyers and post them around your neighborhood and/or workplace. We have two flyer templates: get more sniff spots and raise awareness for dog owners. Great neighborhood places to post flyers are coffee shops, laundromats, community centers, apartment buildings and other local retail or dog-related businesses.
  6. Visit our sniff spots and write a review! The more reviews we have, the more people trust our sniff spots! Browse our sniff spots here.
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