Is it ok for me to bring my dog out to play with guest dogs?

Many of our hosts are dog lovers and have dogs of their own. Some hosts want to know, can I bring my dog out to play with guest dogs?

We do not recommend this.

The baseline expectation of our guests is that the host dogs will be kept separate from their dogs during their visit. Some of our guests have dogs that are recovering from surgery or traumatized by past experiences with dogs, so by default we require that hosts keep their dogs separate from guest dogs (inside or in a separate enclosure) during sniff spot visits. 

It is very important that, if you have dogs, they be kept non-visible and non-audible to guests and their dogs during visits if possible. Many of our guests use Sniffspot as a way to have private playtime without having other dogs around. If resident dogs are visible or audible it can detract from the guest experience. Make it clear in your listing that you will keep your dogs away from the spot during visits. 

You can definitely coordinate a play date with guests if you like, but make sure to be clear about this in advance. Additionally, this is outside the scope of hosting, so host protections like Host Protection Insurance and damage protection do not apply to these activities.


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