Sniffspot Collaborations and Partnerships

Sniffspot Influencer Program:

Sniffspot is looking for social media influencers to help us spread the word! Do you love Sniffspot or want to try it out for the first time? Are you active on TikTok and/or Instagram? Do you have a nano, micro, or macro influencer account? You can get paid to authentically share your Sniffspot experiences! 

What does success look like?

As an influencer you will create authentic videos that spread the word about Sniffspot on your own social media platforms. The influencer program is generally one time collaboration in which we share a visit to a Sniffspot of your choice and you share a review-style TikTok/reel of your experience. Our ultimate goal is to have as many videos go viral as possible so more people learn about Sniffspot.

What does an ideal influencer look like?

We recruit accounts that are based in the United States, generally have between 10,000+ followers, and are on TikTok and/or Instagram. We look for dog based accounts and especially those with dogs that love spending time outdoors adventuring. As mentioned above our goal is to have viral videos, so we like to see evidence of viral videos in the past. Finally, we do not recruit those accounts that promote aversive training methods. 

How does a month in the influencer program progress?

Influencers are recruited monthly to create videos for both TikTok and Instagram. Once enrolled in the influencer program we share a code with you to visit a Sniffspot. After you’ve created and posted your video you can post it on your social media platforms and we will monitor the views. We pay influencers each month. Our pay structure is a flat fee for the video and a bonus if the video hits 100,000+ views or 1,000,000 views. 

If you have further questions or are interested in participating please visit our landing page or email [email protected]


Sniffspot is also looking to partner with other companies and non-profit organizations. If your organization is passionate about making the world a more dog friendly place, we’d love to hear from you! Please email [email protected].

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