What can I do to provide a great experience for my guests?

You may be asking - how can I be the best host possible? That's a great question to be asking! Here things to think about:

  • Check out our Host Standards for the basic expectations of hosting with Sniffspot. 
  • Make sure you provide a great first impression when a guest arrives at your spot. A clean, welcoming entrance and signage goes a long way to creating that positive first impression.
  • We also have a guide for going above and beyond to provide a great experience for your guests!
  • Check out some amenities that you can provide to "wow" your guests!
  • Don't forget that every sniff spot is different and sometimes the best way to improve is to ask your guests for feedback. Some of our most popular hosts frequently message guests after they visit to thank guests for visiting and ask guests for feedback.
  • Lastly, here is a blog post from one of our most popular host on how she runs her sniff spot.
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