COVID-19 Protocols

Below are some tips and updates for keeping your Sniffspot interactions healthy and safe during COVID-19 / coronavirus.

Be proactive about your health

According to the CDC, the best ways to stay healthy are:
  • Washing your hands often: whether you’re hosting a visit or just going to work, wash your hands frequently with soap and hot water. Not near a sink? Use hand sanitizer.
  • Being mindful: Cover your coughs and sneezes, try not to touch your face, and when in doubt, go wash your hands again. Be proactive about staying clean and those around you will thank you.
  • Disinfect commonly touched hard surfacesclean and disinfect with disinfectant wipes or spray. Wipe down gate latches, toys and other surfaces or objects that are touched frequently.
  • Be socially distant: Sniffspot is well-set up for social distancing, since it focuses on private play. We recommend avoiding close contact with people while visiting spots. 
  • Follow local ordnances: make sure to stay updated and in compliance with local ordnances
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