How does messaging with a host work?

As a guest, you can message any host from the spot detail page. Scroll down to the About the Host section and follow the link to ask the host a question. You will need to create an account or log into your account to send a message.

Once you ask the host a question, you will have a record of that message in your guest account. To access messages:

  • In our mobile app: open up your account in the top right corner of the app and scroll down to the Messages button
  • On our website: open the nav menu by clicking on the account icon in the upper right corner and select Messages

When you receive a message from a host, you will be notified by email and, on our website only, by a green indicator on the nav bar.

You can respond to messages either through replying to the email notification, replying to the text message or replying through the website interface.

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