How to support rescues with Sniffspot

IMPORTANT NOTE: as of August 2020, we are retiring this rescue support program. We are working on new ways that our community can support rescues. 


Sniffspot enables hosts to donate all or a portion of their earnings to the rescue of their choice!

How you can get involved:

  • HOSTS: log into your account and go to your listing edit page. You will see two fields: 1) do you want to donate a portion of your earnings to a rescue and which rescue, and 2) what portion of your earnings. Each month we will calculate the total amount that you are donating to your rescue and send the money to them directly in your name. We will also include this in your monthly report. 
  • PROSPECTIVE HOSTS: you can check us out here.
  • GUESTS: just by visiting sniff spots you are supporting rescues. Also, you can help to spread the word to potential hosts in your area that would be interested in supporting rescues through hosting with Sniffspot.
  • RESCUES: partner with us to make Sniffspot part of your fundraising strategy. By building a base of your supporters that are Sniffspot hosts you can support your rescue operations financially and through a stronger connection with your supporters! Email me at [email protected] with any questions.
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